Accelerated Leadership Program

Aspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs with 8+ years of experience | Evolve Transform Breakthrough

WE truly believe in transforming women’s lives and accelerating their leadership journey. Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) is a transformational leadership training program uniquely designed to develop leadership skills for high potential and aspiring women in leadership roles. In partnership with Trinity Skillworks, the program offered by WE is an eight-month program that covers Leadership, Strategy, Finance, People Management, Communications, and Project Management. The participants also get one-on-one coaching and mentoring with industry leaders and have the opportunity to work on real-time projects with societal impact.

Why are WE doing ALP?

  • Gender diversity in the leadership pool means greater diversity of thought, which, in turn, leads to improved problem solving and greater business benefits
  • However, only 25% of women in supervisory roles and less than 2% at CXO level currently
  • WE need to bridge this gender gap and accelerate women to leadership in technology

How do WE do this?

  • Assess potential and set goals for personal and professional development
  • Coaching and mentorship with industry experts and power mentors
  • 360° experiential learning through peer group interaction

Who Benefits?

  • Become a better version of yourself, having made self-discovery of your own potential
  • Become a more confident leader, finding newer ways of problem solving and management
  • Trained pool of women professionals in the organizations ready to take up leadership roles
  • Significantly improved diversity ratio at leadership levels
  • Network of mentors and inspirational leaders to tap into
ALP 2020
ALP 2021

ALP 2022 Starting In Jan 2022

Registration closes by 12 February 2022

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Course Modules

Psychometric Assessments

Leadership Qualities
Discover your strengths and competencies. Guidance on leadership qualities and development opportunities

Outbound Learning

Overnight Boot Camp
Icebreaking and team building activities

Self Awareness

Personal growth & mindfulness
Based on psychometric assessments, experts will help you discover your strengths, and carve out your path towards leadership

Finance for Non-Finance

Money matters for leaders
Understand basics of financial management

Project Management

Manage your projects better
Specially designed programs unveiling project management principles

Communication Lab

Story telling for leaders
Interactive story telling workshops with experts

Sales & Marketing

Branding matters
Learn the art of sales and marketing

Digital Trends

Digital Marketing, AI and Data Science
Emerging trends and technologies to upgrade your technical acumen

Inspiring Leadership

Meet with leaders
Learn leadership tips and tricks from the leaders

Course Modules

Selection Process
WE review the nominations carefully and select individuals who are committed for their professional development

Course Fee

  • 50,000 INR as the course fee , tax extra
  • 45,000 INR to WE lifetime members and also non-member companies who nominate 3 or more participants
  • Payment can be done as one time payment or three instalments ; one time payment receives a 2.5% discount
  • Eligible candidates from MSME sector or self sponsored will be provided 25% scholarship post the selection process

Note : Fee including training logistics expenses(excluding travel)


  • Course Certification on completion by WE
  • Separate Module Certificates from partnering training institutes

eWIT Vaapas is a much-needed initiative that helps to bring women back to the IT workforce. They not only provide placement assistance but work together to bridge that career gap, creating strong, confident and empowered women on the way. After a brief but successful stint in an IT MNC, I had to move for my family which resulted in a break from core-IT. I terribly missed the thrill of working in the IT field, but with each passing year, my chance of re-joining seemed slim. eWIT Vaapas helped by offering me career guidance and after 12 years of being away, I am finally back where I belong.

Leya Sara Jacob

Experion Technologies, Vaapas Beneficiary

Through Vaapas program by eWIT, which is now WE, I got a chance to enroll in data science certification course offered by ICT Academy of Kerala..Through this course I learnt technologies related to data science and this gave me confidence to attend interviews even after a career gap of 8 years and finally to land in a job in a reputed IT company.

Shafeena A

Software Engineer, IBS Software, Vaapas Beneficiary

This journey was an eye-opener for me, assessment, sessions, the experiential learning from topic leaders /fellow cohort members, & networking with women leaders.

Asha Manju


It was a transformational journey for me. Each session widened my horizon to different aspects. This awareness is currently helping me venture out and contribute to different departments of my organization.

Sarika J

Experion Technologies

Seldom do you come across such an awesome experience which paves the way towards a better and brighter future. A tailored series of sessions focused on different aspects of career growth and a mentor to guide you in better ways than you can imagine.

Jazna Rafeek

PIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Thanks to the ALP program that threw me out of my comfort zone, making me realize that fears are just mind blocks. Now, I have a new viewpoint towards challenges. Best part of the program is the battalion of 30 superb women who shouldered each other’s thoughts, fears, and fantasies. Enjoying every bit of empowerment!

Surya Rani

Innoval Digital Solutions

It was a well-crafted program covering the most relevant aspects in Leadership along with focused one to one mentoring sessions with Industry Leaders. It was a great opportunity to network and learn from fellow women leaders and above all it was an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Diya Sudarsanan


This program is opt for high potential and aspiring women employees in Leadership roles with a mission to evolve, transform and breakthrough. You will be equipped to initiate vision and direction, to empower and motivate people to attain success, and to unite everyone to a common purpose.

Aruna Pillai


I’m so glad that I did not miss the opportunity to be part of the 1st batch of ALP. It certainly helped me to benchmark myself. The opportunity to interact with other participants gave a lot of insights and information.

Rani Vinod

SunTec Business Solutions