• Classification of Members
    Membership Fee
    WE organized events
  • Corporations with more than 1000 and less than 20,000 Employees
    20% Discount
  • Corporations with more than 500 and less than 1000 Employees
    15% Discount
  • Corporations with more than 200 and less than 500 Employees
    10% Discount
  • Corporations with up to 100 to 200 Employees
    10% Discount
  • Corporations with 50 to 100 Employees
    2 Members
  • Up to 50 Employees
    2 Members
  • Colleges
    2 Members
    ( Lecturers, HOD or anyone other than students) 1 Vote
  • Individuals (Annual)
  • Life Time Patron Membership for Individuals

Payment Details:

Payment Details :
SBI Bank Technopark,
Account Number: 33167523663
IFSC: SBIN0007617

WE invites you to be a part in this transformational journey. You will have many opportunities for networking and getting acquainted with others in the industry. You are encouraged to be part of various projects and initiatives that WE launches from time to time. We hope new members could bring a lot of energy and new ideas that could add significant value to WE’s vision.

Join Us

Membership Benefits

  • Give yourself a great opportunity to learn and grow with other women leaders in the industry
  • Get associated with the diversity initiative that is doing what it takes in up-skilling, community & infrastructure
  • Members can build a network of ambassadors, can own the initiatives to run under WE. The members can be called as WE-CHAMPS.

For Corporate Membership

  • Participation for FREE or at discounted rates in all programs/workshops organized by WE (number of women who can attend for FREE depends on membership category. More women can attend by paying a nominal fee)
  • The women employees of your organization would be eligible to become individual member of WE for FREE. All they need to do is simply register with WE. They would be eligible for almost all the benefits of an Individual member.
  • Participation in WE Excellence Award contest that is held annually, entry is FREE for two women from each organization.

For Individual Membership

  • Invitation to participate in all training programs/workshops organized by WE, most of which are offered FREE to members.
  • Participation is FREE in WE Excellence Award contest that is held annually
  • Pride of being associated with a voluntary, not-for-profit professional forum where you can actively get involved in the activities of the forum.

For Institutional (Includes colleges, universities, and other educational entities)

  • As an Institution member 2 members from your institution can attend all WE networking events for FREE. This gives an opportunity for the College Management / Placement Officers to meet other corporate members who are associated with WE. This gives an excellent opportunity for you to spread the name of your institute to the industry.
  • Staff or students can participate in WE events. Great way to motivate them.
  • Details of your college can be passed on by us to other WE corporate members for placement
  • Your students can participate in WE Excellence Award contest for Students which is held annually. WE Toastmaster Membership is offered to the winners.
  • The programs would be offered to the WE members at a discounted rate

For Lifetime Patrons

  • All the benefits of Individual membership.
  • No hassle of renewing your membership annually and will also help build a long-term member-base for WE. You can avail membership benefits without any interruption
  • The life Members have voting rights and can be the elected members in the Governing Council to drive projects.